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Develop a methodology or conceptual approach to support research into a chosen new media user experience - Essay Example

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As she stands on the platform, she glances across and is pleasantly taken aback by the digital advertising screen showing an advert of her favourite designer, Luoboutin. The advert showcased the collection for Summer 2012; she suddenly felt butterflies in the bottom of her…
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Develop a methodology or conceptual approach to support research into a chosen new media user experience
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Download file to see previous pages However within the twinkle of an eye, her train speedily arrives, gushing through the platform; bringing her viewing to an abrupt end.
As she stepped onto the train, she could not stop thinking about the advert, wishing she could have seen the end. She manages to get a seat; pulls out her Vogue magazine, she looks up and notices the static adverts above her head. Suddenly, as if she had never been on the tube before, she actually realises that all the adverts are static. Then she asks herself “how come tube adverts are static?” Why has no one developed digital displays on the tube?”
The recognition that there should be digital displays on the tube is an important consideration in the field of new media advertising. In establishing the methodological approach to this consideration one recognizes that there are first a number of overarching concerns that must be addressed. Perhaps the most pressing concern is the simple question of why such new media approaches to advertising have yet to occur. Such infrastructure considerations no doubt exist on a series of lines. From a purely infrastructure standpoint one recognizes that modern railway system emerged from earlier trains and much of the qualitative approach to infrastructure, in this instance print advertising appears to have been carried over from an earlier era and not enough consideration given to the increasing technological mediation of the modern world. In this regards the study design is aimed not only at determining the general effectiveness and best possible course of action of digital advertising displays, but also that it would financially benefit the rail system to implement these digital displays.
With these considerations in mind the methodology advanced is firmly rooted in a logistical series of methods. This approach is akin to a mixed methods approach in that it involves both quantitative and qualitative assessment mechanisms. In terms of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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