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Ethics on computing with reflection - Essay Example

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Generally, every decision made by human beings is governed by ethic, whether that decision is personal or made under the influence of the…
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Ethics on computing with reflection
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Extract of sample "Ethics on computing with reflection"

Download file to see previous pages Hence, moral and ethical attitude of the consumer of this website plays a major role in sustaining the records of this service.
The people who browse this site are worried about the protecting their privacy not only while accessing the web service but also in their normal routines lives as the risk of incursion of personal privacy is very high in this website as in any other website that deals with the client’s personal information. In area of healthcare, the primary code that forms the foundation of any sort of treatments is chiefly the deference for the patient’s dignity. Respecting dignity also involves dealing with ultimate care with a patient’s info.
Trust is an integral part of this project as it is the service’s responsibility to provide its users optimum dependability in terms of keeping their info safe from any sort of spasm or stalkers. Therefore protecting the personal information of the patients, which is collected from the hospital, is the foremost priority of the firm that maintains this website. If a situation arises in which it is necessary to share the info with an outsider, this should not be done before getting complete approval of the individual involved or the patient’s relatives (if the patient is not in a condition to give his/her consent). Only under two conditions such information should be shared i.e. if the management changes or the hospital is collaborated with another firm. In such a situation, information should be made available to the new administration as well.
The idea of the website is to give quality health care services via internet. The various facilities provided by this website comprises access to doctors of personal records accessible online and allowing the patients to be able to seek advice regarding a particular medical state from other online members of the same forum.
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