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Primark Supplying Consumers With Ethically Sourced Garments - Essay Example

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The paper examines the case of Primark involved in supplying ethically sourced garments in underdeveloped countries to the respective customers. This report also describes how Primark can help its customers to choose products as per their ethical requirements by spending less…
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Primark Supplying Consumers With Ethically Sourced Garments
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Extract of sample "Primark Supplying Consumers With Ethically Sourced Garments"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that Primark produces wide ranges of products comprising of various sub-brands such as Early days, Rebel, YD, Atmosphere, Ocean club, Love to lounge, OPIA, No secret, Denim Co., Cedar Wood State. Additionally, Primark also manufactures accessories, clothing’s, footwear and other essential consumer items with respect to the needs of men, women as well as children. Furthermore, Primark produces different varieties of home and beauty products as per the needs of customers. Primark thus operates as a branch of “Associated British Foods” that has enabled expansion of its business with respect to food items as well as the development of its retail group. The improvement in technology has increased the demand for products and that in turn has raised the importance of supplying ethically sourced garments. On the other hand, buying behavior of consumers tends to affect the growth as well as the profitability of supplying organizations in the long run. The organization claims to be ethical by producing low-cost products in underdeveloped countries with the aim of serving the low-income groups. Primark also bear responsibilities towards nature and natural resources existing within. The report’s objective is, therefore, to define Primark’s manufacturing process and reflect the way it can affect the underdeveloped countries while producing low-cost products. Business ethics can be defined as the core principals and rules as well as regulations required to be followed by businesses, considering the demands of consumers. In the ethical context, Primark has developed principals and rules that in turn has enhanced its social responsibility and has proven to be effective for its success in attaining the determined organizational goals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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