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Marketing Ethics and Marketing Success - Assignment Example

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 This essay discusses marketing ethics and success that all issues within the organization are handled according to prescribed norms of ethical practices which should be applicable to all departments including marketing. Marketing is the primary area of concern for all business organizations…
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Marketing Ethics and Marketing Success
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Extract of sample "Marketing Ethics and Marketing Success"

Download file to see previous pages Any such deficiency sooner or later is likely to have a rebound effect on the future success or failure of the business organization. Rigorous application of marketing ethics is therefore essential for any short or long-term success.
‘Ethics are the moral principles and values that govern the actions and decisions of an individual or group’- ( Whenever a moral dilemma surfaces during the course of some action, ethics provide the guidelines for taking the appropriate decision. They are unlike the law in the pretext that the latter is enforceable in a court of justice while the former is to be practiced conscientiously. Ethical violations can either be intentional or inadvertent (Upshaw, 2005). Intentional violations include conspiracies to defraud, mismanagement for financial gain and cover-ups for illegal actions and the inadvertent violations include regulatory abuse due to ignorance, poor products due to inadequate quality controls and unintended environmental damage (Upshaw, 2005).
Historically, in actual situations, however, it has been seen that ethics are sometimes neglected in order to attain short-term gains in the volatile consumer market. Ethical practices have frequently been ignored in order to make immediate profits but proved disastrous in the long term. One such example is that of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Company which has a worldwide presence but has been known to violate business ethics on numerous occasions. The company is one of the giants in research and development on drugs and has come up with innovative products for human as well animal use. Healthcare ethics have a standard which is unparalleled in any other organization as it directly involves playing with human life. Pfizer has been blamed for launching new drugs without issuing warnings of the side effects associated with their use which could prove fatal in individuals prone to such side effects.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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