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Contemporary issue in Public Health and Health promotion - Essay Example

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This partnership was created in May 2000 by the World Health Assembly as a network of more than five hundred countries, and nongovernmental organizations, donors, academics, and interested individuals who…
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Contemporary issue in Public Health and Health promotion
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Extract of sample "Contemporary issue in Public Health and Health promotion"

Download file to see previous pages For the partnership to be able to achieve this, they have been able to undertake a multifaceted approach. The main objectives of the partnership target to lessen the mortality rate and the occurrence of TB causalities. To be able to minimise the cost being incurred while treating the TB, and be able to prevent the disease, the partnership is aiming to cut the mortality rates of TB by a fifty percent rate by the year 2015 in relation to the estimates of the 1990 causalities. They also target to be able to keep the world free from TB by the year 2050.
For the partnership to be able to achieve this dream, they have to develop a global plan that will be used to stop TB. The media will also in put its partnership in this to be able to curb the TB problem. In the year 2006, the partnership had designed a plan that they were to use to curb this disease and currently the plan is under implementation. The implementation is being estimated to be able to help save more than 14million people and be able to provide medication for more than fifty million infected people around the world. The proper implementation of the plan should be able to offer quality and easy access to the diagnosis and medication for every infected person around the world.
One of the main challenges that the partnership is facing is outsourcing funding for the implementation process of the plan to be effective in all regions of the world. For the partnership to be able to fully fund the plan globally they require to have a lot of funding from donors and the governments of the states that are in partnership. This will involve the states to come forward and be able to fund the initiative without being pushed to fund the organization. At the same time, the partnership should emulate transparency of using the funds in an exceptionally high level to be able to motivate more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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