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PilaTes - Essay Example

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Fitness is a fundamental need of every individual in the contemporary age given the society has generally become quite looks-conscious. There is so much that every individual needs to accomplish in…
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Extract of sample "PilaTes"

10 April Pilates Fitness is very important for good looks, good impression and physical activity. Fitness is a fundamental need of every individual in the contemporary age given the society has generally become quite looks-conscious. There is so much that every individual needs to accomplish in a very limited time, and the amount of physical activity involved cannot be achieved without fitness. Owing to the extremely busy schedule, people tend to look out for ways in which they can exercise without having to give it too much time. As a result, various styles of exercise have surfaced over the years. Fitness trends keep changing from one year to another. “Our fascination with self-improvement shows no signs of waning, and theres no shortage of new exercise trends aimed at helping us meet our health goals” (Bouchez). There is a growing trend among people to adopt a new exercise style which is known as Pilates. Pilates is a low-impact exercise style. One reason why Pilates has been so popular among the masses is that it has been endorsed by a lot of celebrities. “After years of high-impact, make-em-sweat, feel-the-burn fitness workouts, there is great appeal in a slower, safer, sensible approach to health and wellness” (“Pilates Benefits”).
There are eight basic principles of Pilates. They include “alignment, breathing, centering, concentration, control, precision, flow of movement, and flexibility” (“An Introduction to”). The underlying concept of Pilates is that it is a technique not only directed at the exercise of the body, but also of the mind. Although some of the eight principles e.g. alignment and flexibility are more focused at the physical movement as compared to the mental effort, yet the principles have a combined effect on the mind as some extent of mental effort is required in each of the eight principles. However, as an individual practices these movements more, the mind gets so attuned to the body that the movements can be made with minimal mental effort. To attain maximum benefit, an individual should try to make smooth and well-controlled movements while doing Pilates. Like all exercise regimens, Pilates should be taken easy in the start, and the intensity of workout should gradually be increased depending upon the comfort of movements. To achieve optimal results, fitness practitioners tend to combine Pilates with yoga owing to the fact that Pilates is to some extent, based on the yoga studies done by Joseph Pilates.
One thing that makes Pilates different from and more realistic than the conventional weight-loss programs is that it does not claim overnight transformations. Benefits of Pilates include but are not limited to enhanced strength, balance and flexibility, enhanced body awareness, improved blood circulation, increased flexibility of spine, reduced level of stress, boost in the energy level, improved stamina and agility, and most importantly, improved looks of the body. Pilates is essentially a routine of body conditioning which is aimed at improvement of the overall flexibility of the body along with improvement of the muscular strength and endurance without addition of bulk to the muscles.
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PilaTes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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