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Emphasis on Fitness for Men and Women - Essay Example

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In today's society, the emphasis is most definitely on fitness for both men and women. Whether programs are set up as coed or as offering a choice, being involved is important for good health. Fitness has become a major focus of corporations, education, communities, and private gyms…
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Emphasis on Fitness for Men and Women
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Extract of sample "Emphasis on Fitness for Men and Women"

Download file to see previous pages By the same token, yoga and aerobics have been seen as programs of more interest to women than to men but men can benefit from them. Educating the public as to the various programs offered and why it is important to participate in a mix of programs is the focus of this paper.
We live in a sedentary society. Watching television does nothing to stimulate the physical aspects of the body. Computers at home and in business cause more aches and pains than any exercise regime, without the benefits of exercise. People have a tendency to find the parking place closest to their destination at the mall or at the grocery store or at their place of business. The most recent concern as noted by the media is obesity. It has been determined that going on a diet is not the answer to losing weight. In fact, it can be more detrimental because of the loss and gain, loss and gain aspects of dieting. More and more, the public is being urged to follow a fitness regime, eating the right foods as a way of life and planning a total body makeover. However, the type of program followed should include more than one activity. For instance, it is just as important to learn muscle control as it is to practice weight lifting. This paper will discuss various fitness programs and the ways in which they can be combined to offer the most effective results. Each of the activities listed below will describe workout environment, gender identity, benefits of the activity and how to attract the public.
Weight Lifting
Although cardiovascular exercise on machines uses more calories than weight lifting, working the muscles in addition to the heart and lungs can also improve health. Increased muscle burns 50 extra calories every day of the week. One deterrent for weight lifting as a woman's activity is the fact that muscle, like fat, at first causes slight weight gain when the focus is on weight loss. However, it is overall appearance that matters and toned muscle is more important than what the scale says. Women are apt to be concerned about appearing muscle-bound but because they have less testosterone, they become sleek instead. According to John Litchfield, research shows that just two 15-20 minute sessions a week are enough to gain all the potential health benefits of strength training (par. 16).
Running and Walking
Running or jogging offers several benefits for those who are willing to commit to it on a regular basis. For some people, it acts as a drug, increasing endorphins for a sense of well being, and for others it is a chore, but running keeps the body toned, offers a way to meet people, burns calories, increases cardiovascular health and prevents the muscle and bone loss that comes with old age. The same benefits are realized for those who prefer walking to jogging (Cummings). The key to success is to plan this type of exercise in moderation because overuse can cause knee and foot problems.
Pilates and Yoga
A common belief about pilates is that it is a derivative of yoga, but that is not so (Ogle). Pilates focuses more on strength, and yoga focuses more on stretch. Ogle states that strength and stretch are part of both programs, but the difference is on emphasis. For those who prefer to do both, pilates gives them the stability they need to control and expand their yoga poses. The benefits of combining pilates and yoga are as follows (Ogle):
1. Graceful body development without bulky ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Emphasis on Fitness for Men and Women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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