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Critical Pedagogy movement - Essay Example

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It is described as a movement that is guided by both passion and principle; this with the aim of helping students develop freedom that pertains to consciousness, to help them relate knowledge…
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Critical Pedagogy movement
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Extract of sample "Critical Pedagogy movement"

Download file to see previous pages Critical pedagogy is inclusive of the relationships present between the teachings and learning fraternities, with proponents being of the opinion that the process, being continuous has significant impacts on students in general. This is especially so to students, whom according to the proponents of the movement, historically have, and still are disenfranchised with “traditional schooling”; the impacts being even greater (Torill, 2005, p 76).
The lofty claims, through “opaque prose”, by Giroux; this according to (John 1990, p 28), exemplified Giroux’s ultimate goal, which was to create radical politics thereby highlighting the existing contestable and antagonistic political and moral grounds that ultimately constitute part of the fundamental ideals pertaining to citizenship and public wisdom. Ultimately, the tensions between progressive and traditional education emanate from the various varying moral perspectives as to categorizing what is “right” or “wrong” (John 1990, p 56). As a recommendation, the examination of the work of the inaugural philosopher of critical pedagogy; Paulo Freire, is encouraged before embarking on any analysis. Paulo Freire, who initially focused on adult literacy projects in the South American state of Brazil, would later on find himself to be dealing widely with a range of educational and social issues. His philosophy revolved around anti-authoritarian sentiments and the interactive approach in the examination of issues; this in relation to the relational power for workers and students. Use of the primary goal that based its existence upon the social and political critiques of everyday life was the central theme in this curriculum, with his educational technique not just a exemplifying a teaching methodology but also as a worthy lifestyle in educative practice. It required the execution of a myriad of educational practices and processes, with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Pedagogy Movement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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