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Culturally Responsive Classroom - Essay Example

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THE CUTURAL RESPONSIVE PEDAGOGY, THE PARADIGM Name Subject Professor School Complete Date Abstract Changing the position of the word “achievement potential” to “potential achievement” gives two different meanings. The first one refers more of a trait of an individual as in “anticipated capability to achieve” whereby the other one means a “prospective thing to complete or accomplish”…
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Culturally Responsive Classroom
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Download file to see previous pages Likewise, this paper seeks to break down and simplify in explaining the key components and concepts of this paradigm to have a better understanding of what cultural responsive pedagogy requires. Initially, it will explain the realities of the situation and identify the players, their key roles to achieve successful cultural responsive pedagogy as well as simple frameworks that will guide any modifications intended for better performance of school and its pupils in the future. Keywords: cultural responsive teaching, cultural responsive pedagogy, achievement potential, multicultural diversity, multidisciplinary education, I. Rationale Behind Cultural Responsive Pedagogy Traditional Education and Its Impact A regular scenario inside a conventional classroom environment would be having a single teacher-facilitator mentoring about 15 or more pupils with the same age range. Traditional education generally adopts the ‘carrot-stick’ method and the ‘one-teaching technique-fits all’. “The structures, assumptions, substance and operations of conventional educational enterprises are patterned on European American icons”(Gay, 2010, p. 23). Generally, conventional educators ignore things of what students are receptive of like their culture, individuality, basic norms of behavior, body language as well as communication signals. Children are forced to swallow everything taught all in the same manner which eventually ends up provoking student resistance to the learning process. However, not all children fall under the same receptive category so some turns out to be more counter-productive instead. Actually, “there are many underlying factors of traditional education that contribute to the failure of students in different kinds of achievements in academic, school attendance, personal well being, dropout preventions and avoidance of discipline problems” (Gay, 2010.p.26). The Growing Influx of Multi-Diversified Students "The increasing diversity in schools, the ongoing demographic changes across the nation and the movement towards globalization dictate that educators should develop a more in-depth understanding of culture if it is intended to bring about true understanding among diverse populations” (Portuondo, et. al, n.d). It was reported that “in the 34-year period from 1973 to 2007, the percentage of students of color in the U.S. public schools increased from 22% to 55% by the National Center for Education Statistics, 2008.” (Gay 2010, p. xi). That being said, an “alarming rate of increased low-academic achievers among student of colors, the minority and the mainstream of students” was also detected” (Gay 2010, p. ix) which according to the second generation of social theorists may be attributed to “cultural deprivation”, a major influencing factor of this outcome” (Gay, 2010, p. ix). II. Understanding the Significance of Cultural Responsive Teaching (CRT) Cultural Responsi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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