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Politics and philosophy (review of one chapter) - Book Report/Review Example

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Indeed, the school curricula has undergone tremendous revolution over the past one century considering the fact more people are discovering the real significance of formal education. In this regard, the whole concept of pedagogy has been the focus of many scholars, many of whom…
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Politics and philosophy (review of one chapter)
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Extract of sample "Politics and philosophy (review of one chapter)"

Download file to see previous pages Really, politics and philosophy play a significant role when it comes to the struggle by various scholars and educationists to streamline the school curriculum. Of major concern are four topics that include education in a multicultural environment, equality in education, transformative education, and politics and philosophies of school curricula (Oakes and Lipton 16 – 32).
More importantly, schools especially the American schools, still lack the basic tenets of a transformative and diversified system of education. This actually means that there is real struggle over the school curriculum in the sense that since America boasts of being the most democratic nation in the world, the American schools ought to demonstrate this by embracing multicultural curricula and transformative system of education. This is particularly so in the contemporary world because the modern world in its diversity, has embraced formal education by an unprecedented vigour. This only implies that the current policies and systems of education, including the school curricula, ought to cater for all irrespective of their background or standing within the society (Oakes and Lipton 16 – 32).
With improvement to the school curricula in mind, various scholars have made concerted efforts towards reforming the education sector in order to make it a free to all public utilities. In this regard, it is worthy to mention that multiculturalism plays a central role in the development of many nations because there is real strength in diversity. This means that the school curriculum ought to ensure that students from various backgrounds feel part of the education system and not as minorities in certain schools with some dominant groups. Actually, this is one aspect that I have experienced beforehand especially considering the fact that I am an international student. In essence, teaching and learning in the U.S. schools has limited space for international students due to the specialized ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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