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Fat - Essay Example

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Obesity is often used interchangeably with being fat. In fact, overeating and obesity are sensitive matters to many women today. 50% of the women in the United States alone are said to be overweight…
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Extract of sample "Fat"

Download file to see previous pages He tries to convince his readers that society should not take responsibility for the unhealthy behavior of others, and that everyone should strive to be healthy. He is of the opinion that it is wrong for the American government to try and fight obesity by manipulating consumer in the variety of food options that they should use (Balko, p 159).
In another text, Paul Campos says that society should not pressure individuals to be thin. He claims that being fat is fine and that there has been no scientific proof that being thin means being healthier. He says that it is all propaganda by the diet industry to get money from people. Campos notes that many people tend to think that being thin means being healthy. He asserts that thinner people are not healthier than fat people, and they should not believe that they are because that is mere propaganda (Campos, p 209).
Susie Orbach points out that beauty and physical fitness have become the goals of almost every woman today. She further argues that most women have made the names of diet foods their vocabulary. Issues of food and being fat have preoccupied most people to the extent that they are usually taken for granted. However, these problems present very painful and serious experiences to most women (Orbach, p 200). Susie Orbach further notes that society creates an image that should be followed by women, for them to be appealing. These images keep changing and hence add pressure on women to keep up with the trends (Orbach, p 203). She writes that, in all the changing images, the one thing that remains constant is that women are portrayed as thin.
In the last article used in this analysis, David Zinczenko, in his essay, don’t blame the eater, writes that the weight problem faced by society is not only the consumers’ problem; it is largely fuelled by the food industry itself. He says that fast food restaurants play a significant role in weight gain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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