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Western Civilization and Human Development (current controversy about corporal punishment in child-rearing with reference to the historical origins of this debate) - Essay Example

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Their desire is to chart out the right course for their children. In addition to this, they also want their children to enjoy their childhood. However, child rearing is not a bed of roses. One has to have the…
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Western Civilization and Human Development (current controversy about corporal punishment in child-rearing with reference to the historical origins of this debate)
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Extract of sample "Western Civilization and Human Development (current controversy about corporal punishment in child-rearing with reference to the historical origins of this debate)"

Download file to see previous pages The issue of disciplining children has caused so much controversy in this modernized world. Talks of rights are all over the place with children demanding the same. Corporal punishment and spanking have become a legal affair. Under what circumstances can one justify the mode of disciplining to be used on children? Development has contributed to the changing talk on childrearing.
Decades ago, childrearing was a communal responsibility. A child belonged to the society. Everyone took it upon themselves to ensure that a child was well brought up. Therefore, matters of discipline were not debatable. If a child was caught in the wrong, any old person could deal with the child on the spot. The child knew better than to report home that they were spanked since that called for more beating from the parents. A child could not question an older person’s authority over them. The family was characterized by strong links amongst parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents and children.
However, this is not the case in society today. Parents themselves have to think twice before spanking their own children. Society s divided into different groups that advocate for spanking and those that are against it. One group that strongly advocates for spanking is people from the Christian faith. James Dobson is one such person. As a radio talk show host, Dobson is very vocal on this matter. According to him (1992), spanking should be encouraged. He relates his own childhood where his mother disciplined him appropriately. He owes his growth and good development to his mother. Dobson and other likeminded people believe that disciplining a child is paramount to molding him or her into being a person that the society will hold in high regard. He holds that spanking should not be the only mode of punishment, but as a last result.
The anti-spanking group argues that spanking is a form of child abuse. They argue that once the parent gets into the habit of spanking their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Western Civilization and Human Development (current Controversy about Essay.
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