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Black and white people - Essay Example

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The whites and the colored people in the country have historically lived with animosity and suspicion originating from the early years of our generation due to the inequities and unfairness which is perceived bread and implemented by the whites. In his key and landmark addresses…
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Black and white people
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Extract of sample "Black and white people"

The blacks and the whites The whites and the colored people in the country have historically lived with animosity and suspicion originating from the early years of our generation due to the inequities and unfairness which is perceived bread and implemented by the whites. In his key and landmark addresses to the races on the general approach of the disparities of injustice, education quality and the general provision of rights to the blacks and whites, Booker T. Washington proposes and backs up a new paradigm shift in the focus to this issues which are crippling the relations between the races.
Booker T. Washington comes into the public spotlight for the first time to present key note speeches as a great crusader for the civilization of the Negroes. Initially the colored people thought that his driving force was anti whites crusade ,so the showed him love and cheered him with the expectation that he would curse and put deeper demonizing of the whites ,however he had surprise for all, whites and the colored ,because his ideas were clearly cemented on the need of friendship and support from both groups and the cooperation between the races. His dreams and desires were that the colored and the poor be accorded equal chance in life and that they correlate in equal measures as their white brothers and as members of a universal race.
The ascendancy of Booker T. Washington came at a time when the country was recovering from war and the concentration had shifted to the development of the country’s economy and there was the sense of unknowing and hesitation on how to handle the sons of the freedmen. Mr. Washington understood the dealings of the south since his birth days and all of his actions and ideas were geared at the benefiting of the population from the south and the north in equal measure.
The wisdom and love employed by the education system used by this Negro crusader left many his enemies confused and developed him and his ideas into a cult. Even though there was the development of some individuals becoming anti his ideologies and attempting all means of changing the minds of people from him, the logics and general benefits of his ideas made his work to acquire tremendous gains among the whites and the colored. Despite the threats to his popularity arising from those against his ideologies to the whites i.e. dining with President Roosevelt, Mr. Washington continued undeterred to advocate for the accommodation of one another between the northerners and the southerners. This led to his recognition in all the aspects of the world and he gained respect from dignitaries.
When we accept one another in the society, then the development of agenda towards civilization and justice for all is achieved. From the teachings and training modules developed and adopted due to the ideologies of this great man we observe that the different races are able to rise and develop a new cause for the entire humanity whether they are black, white or yellow .Mr. Washington played a major role in the development of the relations between the different races and the self-acceptance of humanity. There ought to be love, equity and justice for all in the society despite the social classes, color of the skin or religion. Acceptance of one another is the solution to the disparities.
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