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Critical Analysis of Pleasantville Film - Essay Example

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The author of the essay analyzes the movie "Pleasantville" by Gary Ross and gives a detailed information about the plot and characteristics of the main characters. The author identifies the forms of stereotype in the film such as double standards…
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Critical Analysis of Pleasantville Film
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Extract of sample "Critical Analysis of Pleasantville Film"

Download file to see previous pages She tries to convince David, who thinks it is okay to be the way they were. The family set-up does not go well with her as she finds it boring and sort of a routine. She feels lost and does not belong in the town where people follow same patterns day in day out and where it is forbidden to have their personality. Jennifer, however, adapts to the new lifestyle as she finds the attention from boys and becomes famous. She together with David helps the people of Pleasantville to have their way of thinking (Simon 67-8).
The second character is David, who is a quiet, unpopular kid who many people in Pleasantville depended on. He is a loner who is glad to be in Pleasantville, which he thinks of as an escape place. He grows to have leadership characteristics and earns color when he punches out a thug who was attacking his mom. He is protective of his sister and many people in the suburb depend on him for guidance and protection. He is glad that he ends up with a family with values and a home-cooked meal at dinner. His primary aim for the town is to have some flexibility and to be able to adapt to the new ways. He empowers the people of Pleasantville to have their mindset (Simon 67-8). However, it does not go so well as not everyone is for empowerment.
David helped in putting out fire from a tree in the suburb. Initially, had been no fire in Pleasantville, and all the firefighters ever did was rescue a cat stuck in a tree. David brought to light and color to the firefighters as he helped them learn to put out a real fire. He is a romantic character when he becomes so happy that it rained for the first time in Pleasantville on the first date with Margaret. Margaret offers him an apple, and when it starts raining, David shields Margaret from the rain using his umbrella. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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