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The movies possess some crucial unique lessons that can be adopted by an individual hence positively transforming his or her life as the document discusses.
David and his…
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Film & Society
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The films and society Introduction The document below gives an analysis of three movies Pleasantville, Smoke Signals and 12 Angry Men. The movies possess some crucial unique lessons that can be adopted by an individual hence positively transforming his or her life as the document discusses.
David and his twin sister Jenifer are the main characters in the movie Pleasantville. They lead dissimilar high school social lives. Jenifer happens to be shallow and extroverted unlike David, who is an introvert and spends most of his time on the television. Their different social characters led into a fight one evening over the television while their mother was away. The aspect offers an excellent lesson that an individual’s fear over particular things in them or their fear over change may project onto other things that may result to the development of very ugly social situations. The aspect helped me to understand that a healthy social life is solely dependent on my readiness to accept change so as to accommodate other people with their social aspects. Fear of change, however, only results to adverse social implications (Grainge 45).
12 Angry Men
The twelve angry men film involves an eighteen year old Hispanic boy whose origin was in a slum on a trial. He was facing allegations of having stabbed his father to death. The twelve jurors happen to be the film’s protagonist. They were involved into a very long discussion in trying to make a verdict whether the boy was guilty or not with jurors shifting from one stand to another depending on rising facts as the discussion continued. Finally, all the jurors except the juror three came to a consensus that the boy was not guilty (Rose 45).
After the juror three had given many arguments, he ended up making a remark that rotten kids they should work their life. The remark revealed that he had a poor relationship with his son, and that was his main reason for him pushing for the boy to be regarded as guilty. The aspect also creates an impression of how fear of change and lack of understanding may cause adverse social implications. However, he finally lost his temper and broke down to cry and changed his vote to not guilty (Rose 87).
Smoke Signals
In the movie the smoke signals, the movie’s protagonists Thomas and victor are revealed to have been brought up by victor’s father, Arnold. Thomas being rescued by Arnold from a fire that killed his parents considered victor’s father as a hero while Thomas endures his father’s domestic violence, child abandonment and alcoholism. He, therefore, regards his father bitter resentment although that he had a deep love for him. Victor and Thomas grew up together as acquaintances and neighbors, constantly fighting with one another and simultaneously creating a close and albeit uneasy alliance (Alexie 34).
Arnold finally died and as victor and Thomas were in adventure in such of their father’s ash Victor reveals more of a stoic character while Thomas tends to be more traditional a fact that tends to be a source of victor’s irritation with Thomas, as well as Thomas’s fascination with victor. The aspect also concurs with the above argument of adverse social implications that may result from failure of understanding one’s counterparts that would hence create a change (Alexie 67).
It is clear from the above discussion that understanding and readiness to accept change is a crucial aspect in order to achieve a sound social life. The films have imparted me with knowledge on how well I will be understanding people around me and to readily change so as to achieve a sound social relationship.
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