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Nonverbal and symbolic behavior - Assignment Example

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Nonverbal and symbolic behavior Author [Pick the date] For this assignment, the chosen program is a movie “Blind side” which is shown on TV recently. It is based on a true story of a foot player named Michael Other. The Blind Side is basically a biographical sports movie with a touch of drama which was released in 2009, John Lee Hancock is the director and writer of the movie…
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Nonverbal and symbolic behavior
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Download file to see previous pages Cast working in movie is Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw and Quinton Aaron. A teenager, Michael Other, played by Quinton Aaron, has been living in with other families in Foster care since his childhood. His mother is an addicted woman. He goes to a private Christian school. Jae Head, Lily Collins attend the same school. They are Leigh Anne Tuohy’s, played by Sandra Bullock, children. Leigh Anne Tuohy is a determined interior designer. Her husband is a successful businessman named Sean Tuohy, played by Tim McGraw. The coach knows about Michael football playing team and expects him to save their football team. He is not good at studies and teacher knows it is hard for him to pass. He cannot play in football unless his grades are improved. Leigh Anne saw Michael wandering alone on a road. He had no place to stay, she took Michael home. Gradually Michael becomes a member of the Tuohy family. She notices that in career aptitude exam, he has got very low grades in most of the disciples except “protective instincts” in which his percentile was 98th. She helped Michael in improving grades; he joined the football team as his grades improved. His start was not so good but after some encouragement he was able to start his football career; Michael dominated in the field of football. Leigh Anne hired a tutor to help him out in his studies and he ended up with a GPA of 2.5. Later in the movie, Leigh Anne and her family took Michael to college. In the end there is a very heart touching goodbye involving Anne and Michael, the photographs of real Michael Other and Tuohys are shown at the end of the movie. The social inequality that I am going to discuss is the inequality of wealth and discrimination between black and white people. Social inequality means the ways in which socially-defined groups of persons like race or ethnicity are positioned with regard to access to a education and healthcare systems There always had been a group differing especially in race, religion, or cultural background (Walker, n.d.). The scene I would like to discuss is where Michael goes to school for the first day. In the scene most of the students going in school are the white ones. The clothes and appearance send powerful nonverbal messages. He is dressed in light blue shirt and black shorts. We see a glimpse of Michael sad life in his facial expressions. His appearance is showing his desperate background. He looked up on the school broad. He is walking slowly towards his class. It is a privilege for him to get enrollment in such a school. He enters the class. The teacher introduced him to all the students. Most of the students in the class are the white ones. He takes his seat. The teacher distributes the test in the class. His class fellow notices his old shabby clothes and shoes. It is example of involuntary nonverbal communication. He seems lost and confused and don’t know what to do in the test. He is sitting with his head down. He seems to be a teenage giant whose silence is a disturbing mystery. His facial expressions, body movements, and gesture seem to be the result of an unfathomably hectic life. The reason behind this is social inequality and discrimination. Black people are often looked down upon for just their skin color and backgrounds. If we go through history and especially in the 1960's blacks have been discriminated and degraded because they were not white. There has been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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