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Standardized Arguments: Uniforms in Public Schools and the First Amendment - Essay Example

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An essay "Standardized Arguments: Uniforms in Public Schools and the First Amendment" presents standardized arguments against uniform that is in the article under the subject heading of, Uniforms in Public Schools and the First Amendment: A Constitutional Analysis…
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Extract of sample "Standardized Arguments: Uniforms in Public Schools and the First Amendment"

Download file to see previous pages Literature premises: an argument against uniform a) Uniforms tend to restrict student, parent, and family rights from freedom of expression in a dress. b) Urban youths, their parents, families, and community members may view dress codes and uniforms as restrictions on students’ cultural expressions of dressing. c) Uniforms restrict youth engagement in a normal developmental task of identity experimentation with a dress. d) Uniforms contribute to punitive zero tolerance in student discipline policies. e) Uniforms represent and encourage the interference of local and state lives in the private lives of students and parents. f) There is little empirical evidence to prove the effects of uniforms on academic achievement and social behavior of students. Public school students’ First Amendment right to free speech outweighs the interest of the state to eliminate the competition and expenses associated with some clothes, to increase self-respect, reduce discipline problems and violent behaviors that are seemingly associated with school uniforms. The first amendment premise: arguments against uniform: a) The first amendment states that the Congress shall not make any law that infringes upon the freedom of speech. b) Under the fourteenth amendment, the freedom of speech protection is enforceable in all states and local governments within the United States. The first amendment right speaks in absolute terms; that is, the first amendment protects all speech that also includes dressing. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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