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Criminology- prisons - Essay Example

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Most people in general have a very negative opinion of the prisons; for them prison are places where criminals; the most undesirable members of the society are…
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Criminology- prisons
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Extract of sample "Criminology- prisons"

Download file to see previous pages It is a place to prepare the prisoners to meet the challenges of the outside world upon their release. The person responsible for training the prisoners and mentoring and transforming them into good citizens is known as the prison officer (The role and function of prison 2000). The job of a prison officer is quite complicated and involves risks as well as rewards. The present day conditions of the prisons in the UK have made this complex job even more challenging.
Many controversies associated with the prisons in UK, deaths in the custody and suicide attempts have made matters worse. The frequent incidents of bullying and assaulting of prisoners by prison officers have added insult to injury (Dawkins 2008). Condemning such practices and other flaws in the prison system, Dawkins a former prison officer highlighted the job of prison officers. In Dawkins (2008) opinion the most important job a police officer performs is to make the prisoners under their care, realize their wrong doings and help them amend their ways.
Prison officers are unfortunately portrayed negatively in media and in literature. They are shown as violent individuals who are corrupt as well. They are portrayed as uniformed men whose daily rituals are beating and torturing the prisoners. It is portrayed that prison officers can commit these felonies and escape without facing any consequences. However, this is not always correct as they are the upholders of law and never at any point are above the law (Champion & Champion Jr. 2011, p. 105).
Nevertheless, there are some aggressive kind of prison officers who take undue advantage of their power and authority and this is just because of it all of the prison officers are referred to negatively. It is true that not all prison officers are tolerant and amiable individuals; there are some officers who behave rather ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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