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Female Prisoner Impregnated by Correctional Officers - Article Example

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The author states that although men face many hardships when in prison, women are faced with the risk of sexual abuse especially from male guards because they form the majority of staff in female prisons. Other countries such as Canada ensure that women are the staff of female prisons…
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Female Prisoner Impregnated by Correctional Officers
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Extract of sample "Female Prisoner Impregnated by Correctional Officers"

Download file to see previous pages In the United States, male guards were not allowed to come into direct contact with female prisoners until the 1964 Civil Rights Act (Figueira-McDonough & Sarri, 2002). About forty percent of women prison guards were men, and they had direct contact with the prisoners by the year 2007. The United States had 93,031 prisoners by the end of 2001. Women are incarcerated because of the increased war on drugs. The rapid increase of the population of women prisoners was not anticipated by the male-dominated prison industry. Although United States prisons are for correcting offenders, most of the female prisons lack the facilities of accommodating healthcare, mental, and social needs of the prisoners (Parker, 2002).
The number of women prisoners has been on the rise over the recent years in the United States but most of them do not face violent charges as opposed to men. Women prisoners have different experiences to those of men because women menstruate, and are very much affected by losing their children to Child Protective Services (Parker, 2002). Majority of women convicts are sexually or physically abused before they are convicted or are drug addicts. Men make up the majority of prisoners in the United States but the rate of the increase of a number of women prisoners is worrying because it is more than that of men. Incarcerated women tend to form structures similar to those of families in a bid to ensure that they live, as they would have in society. On the contrary, men become aggressive and isolate themselves from other inmates (Rudolf, 2012).
Increase in the number of female prisoners has resulted in the need for an increased number of prison staff. Men are not emotionally or physically affected by incarceration as women are. This is because women are faced with the daunting task of facing sexual abuse in prisons. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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