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Probation Officers versus Parole Officers - Research Paper Example

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Probation Officers versus Parole Officers Name of the of the University/College June 7, 2012 Probation officers vs. parole officers Introduction: Crime is a common element that is found in most societies in the world. Criminals who are found to be guilty are sentenced by the judiciary taking into account such factors as the seriousness of the crime, gender, previous acts and most importantly the age of the offender…
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Probation Officers versus Parole Officers
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Download file to see previous pages A prisoner may also be allowed a time of freedom (with conditions) at the time of sentencing. The United States and individual state laws provide two options namely probation and parole which allows a period outside prison. It also allows for the provision of officers for close supervision and monitoring of persons let out of prison either on probation or parole. Most people, not associated with law may think that both these terms are similar and exchangeable with each other. But this is not the case. This paper compares the roles and responsibilities of each of these posts and will discuss the similarities and differences in the process. Probation officers vs. parole officers: Many states have both these posts and these officers are playing an invaluable role in helping offenders out of jail on probation and parole. Working with other agencies, they help offenders to integrate into the society while they are out of prison. Basic roles and duties are common across most states even though some factors like number of days outside of prison, conditions etc may vary from state to state. The purpose here is to provide a general view of these roles in order to provide an understanding of what a probation and parole officer is expected to do. Meaning of probation and the Roles of probation officers: Probation is a court directive that places an accused under the control, supervision and care of a person so that the offender need not enter a prison to carry out the judgment meted out to him or her subject to certain conditions (Petersilia, 1998, p. 14). The primary role of the probation officer is interacting, helping and supervising the probationer. In order to make the system effective, their roles require them to “work not only with federal judges and other court professionals, but with U.S. attorneys, defense attorneys, Federal Bureau of Prisons and U.S. Parole Commission officials, state and local law enforcement agents, treatment providers, and community leaders. Officers deliver services that benefit the court, the community, and the offender” (US Trial and Pretrial Office – Western Missouri, n.d.). The quote indicates that the roles required are complex and varied since a large number of agencies are involved. The post was formed after the implementation of the Probation Act of 1925 (US Probation Office, n.d.). Unless otherwise stated, all information given below is sourced from the article on the roles of a probation officer published by the US Probation Office. The first role required by the officer is to conduct a background check of the accused before a final verdict by the court. All factors such as the personal life, background, financial dealing, and previous criminal history of the accused need to be taken into account. The nature of the crime and the events that led to subsequent arrest will also be a part of the investigation. After a logical analysis of information collected, the officer then has to prepare a concise report, stating all relevant facts to the court in which the trial is held. This report will be an additional source of investigative information (apart from what has been presented during the trial) that will assist the judge in arriving at a verdict. As in the case of parole, probation officers also need to provide a supervisory role. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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