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Public Administration;managing sustainable communities. Midterm exam - Essay Example

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The Garden City idea meant to put in place a completely functioning group of people into a compacted, self-financing and effortlessly replicable design. The…
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Public Administration;managing sustainable communities. Midterm exam
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Download file to see previous pages This organic kind of development was to accommodate 30,000 citizens within roughly 6,000 acres. A major transport route connected to every division. Stops were situated within the heart of activity, linking each region. Government structures were held within special consideration and they were provided with the locations that seemed or were believed to be the most prominent and easy access.
Ebenezer Howard is the founder of Letchworth Garden City and the Garden City movement. In the year 1898, Ebenezer Howard was disgusted at the very distasteful living and functioning conditions within the belatedly 19th Century cities and municipalities. He wrote a manuscript outlining his notions for a totally new system of livelihood. The paperback, Tomorrow, A Peaceful Path to Real Reform, was afterward published again as Garden Cities of Tomorrow in the year 1902. According to McKenzie (1996), Howard envisioned building his Garden City from scratch on an undeveloped six-thousand-acre plot of land. At the center would be a city one thousand acres in area, along with roughly one-and-one-half within diameter.
The city is depicted as circular, and crossed from center to circumference by six wide boulevards. At the center would be a five-and-one-half-acre Central Park surrounded by public buildings such as the town hall. Around this park would run a circular Crystal Palace, a glass arcade not unlike the modern shopping mall. Outside this arcade a series of circular streets lined with trees, houses, schools, and gardens would encircle the center. At the edge of the circular city would be the industries, the factories, warehouses, and coal and timber yards, all of which would face outward onto a circular railway encompassing the town and delivering goods to and from the city and its businesses.
Outside this perimeter would be a five-thousand-acre belt of agricultural land that would be home to an additional two thousand people engaged in farming. This greenbelt, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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