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Sustaining L.A. Interview with Fallen Fruit - Assignment Example

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Name Professor Class Date Environmental Studies: Art in Solano Canyon Community Garden A. SUSTAINING L.A. - interview with Fallen Fruit Several things interested me in this interview with Mattias Viegener and David Burns. For one, I come to really appreciate California's “great growing climate” that makes possible the idea of the “little house with an orange orchard with a mountain with snow behind it” (Viegener 2007)…
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Sustaining L.A. Interview with Fallen Fruit
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Download file to see previous pages As an artist involved in community gardens, this is a whole new world of idea for me. The excitement of being able to intertwine two of what I consider most interesting aspects of my personal (and maybe even professional) life is amazing. I remember when Viegener recounts the story of giving free fruit jams in an L.A. art exhibit, stating that it is free because “it's public jam, it's from public fruit, and you're the public. We get it from you, it goes back to you” and how “people at the art fair L.A. don't like to maybe see themselves as the public” (2007). This is perhaps one of the most amusing things that struck me because I see the act of making fruit jams and giving them out for free as already an art in itself. Viegener is right in saying that “the meaning that's created in any work of art is about sort form of exchange that is always social” (2007). This can be applied to my interest in community gardens. The social exchange that is aimed at in Solano Canyon Community Garden is a sort of an inspiration. ...
Viegener, Mattias and Burns, David. “Fallen Fruit.” Interview by Bill Kelley Jr. YouTube. kcet web stories, 2007. Web. 30 Nov. 2011. B. Photo Essay on Solano Canyon Community Garden Photo: Al Renner. Credit: Ann Summa. When we talk about Solano Canyon Community Garden, we think of Master Gardener Al Renner, an admirably strong and robust man in his 70s who is a legend in his successes in acquiring more lands and funds for community gardens all over the country. He may be a picture of a kindly old grandfather who smiles at little grandchildren, but his active and alert mind makes one think that maybe his gardens give him something that nourishes his inner youth. For someone who hasn't been in Solano Canyon Community Garden before, one would realize that the freshness and vigor of this man can be seen from one's entry to one's exit in the garden. These are the walls the stretch on either sides of the garden's entrance. From the wall art itself, one can immediately sense the meaning the garden people want to send across: diversity and history. The rainbow and the mosaic replica of the elementary school are shown on the walls, and they immediately tell you that yes, this is California diversity and yes, this place has a historical value. You can always look for that face from the first photo and ask all about the garden's story and be amused at how history and diversity can be reflected immediately in his words. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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