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Has the recent recession around the world hit the international business and trade badly Especially the automotive industry - Essay Example

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The global financial downturn during 2008 and 2009 fiscal years affected a number of multinational ventures, including the automobile industry worldwide. The Asian market received major setbacks as the GDP of many countries showed trends of unprecedented decrease. The per capita…
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Has the recent recession around the world hit the international business and trade badly Especially the automotive industry
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"Has the recent recession around the world hit the international business and trade badly Especially the automotive industry"

Download file to see previous pages a deal assuring to provide a colossal package to combat the impact of global recession on the automobile industry (EUbusiness Ltd 2010), it still remains to be complex phenomena as to why the recession took such a heavy toll on trade and commerce worldwide. Critically speaking, a set of entropy predicted the probable outcome of a sweeping downward surge in various cross-country economies, eventually leading to discrepancy in the ratio of production and consumption. These factors lay hidden both in the functional as well as the structural aspects of the car industry. The editor of the Dog Lemon Guide Clive Matthew-Wilson notes that the international automobile sector can produce approximately 90 million new units every year, which is well over the estimated 60 million buyers. Drawing on from this statistics, he concludes that in the aftermaths of global recession, the potential consumer market was mobilized independently by respective states – a deal which is not very likely to last forever. Hence, it is notable that the affordability factor in terms of owning personal automobiles will continue to weaken furthermore as the world starts adjusting to the ongoing slump (Dog and Lemon Guide 2010). In the light of this evidence, this paper is going to critically assess the impact of recession on international trade and commerce, particularly the automotive arena. The study will incorporate discussion of the relevant literature duly backed up by empirical evidences, followed by detailed analysis of the methodologies. Lastly, a questionnaire attached at the end of the document will reflect the research findings and provide assistance to conducting interviews for further elaboration of the methodologies.
Before elaborating furthermore on the thesis question, it is worth investigating into the period that led up to the recent financial crises around the globe. It may be noted, however, that bulk of the study in this regard will focus on the US trade infrastructures and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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