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Communications Persuasive theory - Essay Example

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In most cases, the messages that we get from the media have a very strong effect, and may persuade one to act accordingly even without certifying the credibility of the source. The persuasion created by these messages offers a limited liability and motivation to think of the…
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Communications Persuasive theory
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Extract of sample "Communications Persuasive theory"

Communications Persuasive theory In most cases, the messages that we get from the media have a very strong effect, and may persuade one to act accordingly even without certifying the credibility of the source. The persuasion created by these messages offers a limited liability and motivation to think of the credibility of such messages and the source from which the messages might be emanating from. Feng & MacGeroge (2010) argue that messages are in most cases viewed as being helpful and supporting as well as promoting coping with such messages. In addition, Dakoff & Taylor (1990) argue that such messages may in fact be unhelpful or insensitive, and may result to making coping much more difficult. This I learned after believing a beer advert that portrayed that taking the beer could make one think better and refresh one’s mind.
The messages that really persuaded me to indulge into taking the beer ran like “drink the beer for better mental refreshment and enhancement.” In most cases, we experience value, belief and lifestyle change as a result of persuasion that is presented through such media adverts, as I was persuaded to believe this message in the advert. An attitude is a precursor of behavior; the manner in which the message was decoded and evaluated made me to develop a liking to this message and was eager to try to benefit from alleged mind refreshment, notwithstanding that I was still an intermediate student. This perceived benefit made me to have a weak control on my behavior, and within no time I was ready to experience the new feeling that I was persuaded to try by the advert. Goldsmith (2000) elaborates that advice messages are potentially threatening to the public or an individual, and may in fact threaten the recipient’s positive face. As I went head to try the effectiveness of this message, I in fact discovered that the advert was distorted and wrong, as I was seriously affected by the beer to an extent that in the following two days, I could hardly walk out of my room. Ego involvement dictates that the more one is motivated in an issue, the more likely that their attitudes will predict behavior. My strong motivation to trying the advert message led me to excessive drinking resulting to the serious repercussions that I faced later on.
The theory of planned behavior explains that the behavior al intention is the determinant of the future behavior, with the intention being influenced by independent constructs, which are; the attitude, perceived behavior control and the subjective norm (Jones, Sinclair & Rhodes 2004). The subjective norm refers to the social pressures that dictate whether one will or will not perform the behavior. These three are the determining factors that are related or may result from persuasion messages as I later found out. Social cognitive theory was the most applicable theory that I can attribute to the case above. Jones, Sinclair & Rhodes (2004) explains that the theory states that people will better learn through observing others or through direct experiences and that individual choices are based on the perceived or actual consequences of the behavior. In the above advert, having seen many people drinking, I was persuaded to try the perceived benefits that could have been obtained from taking the beer. In addition, the theory states that the degree of self efficacy that one has affects their ability to learn. My belief, in attaining the benefits as advocated by the message was to blame for my behavior. The social cognitive theory, therefore well elaborates the above case.
Dakoff, G. A., & Taylor, S. E. (1990). Victims’ perceptions of social support: What is helpful from whom? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 58, 80-89.
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Jones W.L., Sinclair R.C., & Rhodes E.R., (2004). Promoting exercise behavior: an interrogation of persuasion theories and theory of planned behavior. British Journal of Health Psychology. 9, 505-521. Read More
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Communications Persuasive Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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