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Persuasive Communications, Campaigning and Public Opinion - Essay Example

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For example, when a group of viewers visits a community where street children sleep on the streets, the group of viewers will have a public opinion that the city does…
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Persuasive Communications, Campaigning and Public Opinion
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Extract of sample "Persuasive Communications, Campaigning and Public Opinion"

Download file to see previous pages The gay and lesbian community will voice their concerns regarding same sex marriage. In some states, the government upholds the right of people to enter into same sex marriages.
On the other hand, other states are very conservatives. As conservatives, the states do not allow the lovers to enter into same sex marriages. Consequently, the government must indicate the many advantages of marrying someone from the opposite sex. Likewise, the government can explain the harsh side effects of same sex marriages.
In some areas of society, the government includes the public’s demand for better health-related laws and policies (Price, 1992). The health-related laws include prohibiting the sale of marijuana, cocaine and other prohibited drugs. The health care laws cater to the public opinion stating that the people want to rid their communities from the menaces of dangerous drugs.
Additionally, a town may generate a public opinion stating they do not want the pollution emanating from the nearby factory sites (Gonzalez, 2006). The government can use the public opinion as basis for issuing a government memorandum that instructs the factories to comply with environmental protection laws. The environmental protection laws must be implemented at all times. The environmental laws require the business establishments to reduce factory smoke exhaust to allowable levels. The companies’ compliance with the reduction of the smoke exhaust levels will create a positive public opinion among the residents of the affected communities.
On the other hand, the same government policy to reduce the pollution exhaust levels of the factories may not generate a favorable public opinion among members of one sector of the community (Gonzalez, 2006). The sector is the group of companies that install the smoke exhaust pipes. By requiring the companies to install the exhaust pipes, the companies must allocate a huge amount of money to restructure the production building. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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