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Persuasive Communications, Campaigning and Public Opinion & Reputation Management - Essay Example

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Under this initiative, communities may hire extra police forces to patrol their streets.
Since the MPS needs good PR, due to their…
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Persuasive Communications, Campaigning and Public Opinion & Reputation Management
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Download file to see previous pages After the first week, communities can hire teams of two police to patrol their neighborhood for a set fee. The fee that will be charged each community will depend upon different factors – how many homes will be patrolled, what the historical crime rate is in each community, and the ability of that community to pay. The MPS will make it known that they will not necessarily charge poor communities more, if they have higher crime rates, acknowledging that these are the very communities that would need the Rent-A-Cop services the most.
The MPS will also hold periodic press releases regarding the program. Included in these press releases will be the rate in apprehending criminals, as well as an overall overview of the program’s successes. The purpose of these press releases will be to keep the program in the public eye. The press releases will feature not only the rates of apprehending criminals, but will also feature “feel good” anecdotes, where the officer conducting the press release will detail the charitable work that the rent-a-cops do for the communities, and any human interest stories that might arise during the course of the officers’ tenure in these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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