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Which theory(ies) of persuasion in advertising are the most, or least, persuasive - Essay Example

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The manner in which businesses depict their products and the associations they make with the audience all are determinants of the way the audience is likely to perceive…
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Which theory(ies) of persuasion in advertising are the most, or least, persuasive
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Extract of sample "Which theory(ies) of persuasion in advertising are the most, or least, persuasive"

Download file to see previous pages riety of functions with their advertising campaigns which include informing the public regarding their products and services, persuading the public to purchase their products and services, creating a brand image for their products and services, and reminding the public regarding their products and services (Sutherland & Sylvester, 1993, pp. 20-28).
Hence, the main objective of businesses through advertising campaigns is to gain maximum business and earn maximum revenue by selling to more customers or selling more of their product to existing customers. Businesses tend to do this by attempting to persuade customers to perform in the way that the business sees desirable. Accordingly, businesses must take a sequence of steps and use various persuasion theories in order to convince customers to act in the manner the business deems desirable (Odih, 2007, pp. 40-48).
Businesses use a variety of theories and appeals in order to engage commercials within their advertising activity. The three main types of advertising appeal that businesses use includes humor appeal in which businesses make funny adverts in order to appeal to consumers and show a light-hearted image of their company and products/services, sex appeal in which businesses use attractive content to appeal to the customer’s sexual preferences, and logic appeal in which business provide appropriate logic for purchasing or using their product/service (Odih, 2007, pp. 51-56).
Businesses use a combination of theories in order to engage the customer into their advertising activity. Some theories claim to be more effective than others in attracting customers towards a product/service. The first thing that is essential for an organization to consider is the audience that they are catering to. There may be various types of people with differing personalities within their audience. Hence, it may be rather difficult to appeal to each of the different personalities individually and target the various types of people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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