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Literary review - Essay Example

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Cutt, Knuiman and Korti (2008) observe that the practice of keeping of dogs has in fact helped in increasing the frequency of recreational walking practices of the owner groups. This kind of increase in the recreational walking practices of the individuals owing to gaining a…
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Literary review
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Extract of sample "Literary review"

Download file to see previous pages t the rate of overall walking of the people who were new dog owners largely increased through gaining possession of dogs in comparison to those people who are non-owners. In addition to the augmentation of the physical activity of the dog owners the possession of dogs also is observed to transform relationships from single to courtship (Cutt, Knuiman and Korti, 2008).
Selby et al (1979) notes that the act and practice of keeping pets like dogs and cats can be referred to as a set of best practice in that it helps in rendering shelter to the innocent animals from harsh climates and other vulnerable conditions. However in that the dog owners must focus that keeping of pets does not happen to disturb the healthy climate in the surrounding areas. It is often found that keeping of dogs as pets has resulted in the growth of dog population in the neighbourhood that in turn has contributed to polluting the region with bulks of faeces and urine. The owners of the dogs when consulted of such problems reflected less interest in neutering their pets. Large groups of non-owners refer that keeping of dogs only adds to social troubles like increasing both noise and environment pollution which is again opposed by the owner groups. However the best practices that stands to this end that the dog owners must enhance their focus on the behaviour and activities of their dogs and thus help in protecting the natural and social environment (Selby et al, 1979, p.385-386).
Vidovic, Stetic and Bratko (1999) and McKee and McKee (2007) remark that children of the households both boys and girls reflect a growing association with pets like dogs and cats. In fact the children tend to regard the pets as their playtime companions by responding to their different calls and gestures. Again it is found that the tendency of affinity to dogs and cats increases for a girl child than that for boys for the girls whether in tender age or tending towards adolescence feel the dearth for companions. It is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Literary Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
“Literary Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words”, n.d.
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