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Simplified Acquisition Procedures - Research Paper Example

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Simplified Acquisition Procedures Name Institutional procedure Simplified Acquisition Procedures 1. Define the term “simplified acquisition” as it relates to government acquisition Simplified acquisition refers to the procedures and mechanisms used to make the centralized procurement system more efficient…
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Simplified Acquisition Procedures
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Download file to see previous pages The government report uses Simplified acquisitions to illustrate the approach that legalizes a test method that permits government purchasers to acquire profitable items that do not surpass a certain amount (Engelbeck, 2001, p. 29). 2. Describe the circumstances under which the government allows the use of the simplified acquisition procedures One of the conditions offered by the government concerning the use of the Simplified acquisitions is that the government able to validate purchases. Agency officials have been authorized to impose maximum amounts for purchases made. In 1996, the congress widened the use of simplified acquisitions by legalizing a test plan that permits buyers to purchase items that do not go beyond $5 million. As a result, the maximum price set was a requirement that all regime buyers had to follow up. Another condition is the permission of issuing a combined outline and solicitation. This solicitation procedure laid out the plans, procedures, buying modes and vendors to be used throughout the buying procedure. This way, the government would account for every dollar used in the transaction. The issuing procedure might have also needed proposal compliance in less than 45 days as would or else be needed (GAO, 2003, p.3). Government buyers would also be required to set up an official assessment plan or aggressive variety, carry out debates with dealers or achieve quotations or bids. Potential buying risks will be realized through this condition, and make the government less prone to losses or budget upheavals. Another condition that the government applied to all buyers under Simplified acquisitions was the minimization of the credentials needed to give strong reason for compensation decisions. The credentials used for such transactions consume lots of government expenditure, and Simplified acquisitions are one way for the government to reduce expenditure on subsidiary goods and services as such (GAO, 2003, p.2). Currently, the government issues a test program to include contact procedures for all officers involved in the purchasing procedure. The government seeks maximum efficiency and saving with minimal expenses or financial burdens. Another condition that the government looks forward to is the adherence to the contract clauses prearranged by special documentation that limits administrative costs. This documentation has requirements arranged by FAR 12.3 with the aim of limiting occurrences of sole basis acquisitions. Simplified acquisitions also require a short written report of the processes of employed when compensating the contract file. Other compensations in the contract include the number of bids established, a description of the foundation of the contract reward assessment, and some validation for a sole basis acquisition (Engelbeck, 2001, p. 44). 3. Three examples of the simplified acquisition methods and where they might be appropriate in a government procurement contract An example of Simplified acquisitions techniques is a test plan employed by the government in January 1, 2004. The government used Simplified acquisitions to smoothen the flow of contracting vehicles that federal bureaus use for acquiring goods and services. The test program involved the use of delivery agreements between buyers and the sellers tor educe the chances of acquisition risk, and save time in the course of acquiring the items (GAO, 2003, p.3). Another example is the use of purchase cards that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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