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How I can help University of San Francisco to carry out its mission - Essay Example

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Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556). Together with his followers, he founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). The Jesuits Catholic Tradition has its foundation in the University of San Francisco (Usfca par 4)…
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How I can help University of San Francisco to carry out its mission
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Extract of sample "How I can help University of San Francisco to carry out its mission"

Jesuits Catholic Tradition The Jesuits Catholic Tradition is found on the records and writings of St. Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556). Together with his followers, he founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). The Jesuits Catholic Tradition has its foundation in the University of San Francisco (Usfca par 4). As a bona fide member of the University of San Francisco, I wish to work together with the Jesuits Catholic Tradition in order to promote learning in the institution. The university offers, undergraduate, graduate and professional studies for its students. I hope to assist the University in its mission to promote learning in the Jesuits Catholic tradition.
Being a Muslim, I hope not to bring in religion in my work as this will tend to influence me negatively and thus stop me from doing what is good for the entire University Fraternity. To begin with, I would like to encourage the University to open more scholarship opportunities for the less fortunate students; this will encourage students to study hard in order to qualify to gain the scholarship. The Jesuits Catholic Tradition encourages and welcomes persons of all faith and culture. This is a very positive approach from the University. I would encourage that students are offered the freedom and responsibility to be able to make their own judgments’ regarding all matters (Higheredjobs par 3).
To promote learning in the University of San Francisco, I will encourage them to recruit staff globally. Aside from the staff, I will also encourage them to recruit and retain students from other countries; this will ensure that every student gets global exposure and thus a wide wealth of experience. This will encourage students to act and think in a globally way. I will also encourage the University of San Francisco to encourage the students to engage in variety of activities, which will encourage togetherness among the students and in turn get opportunities to develop important life skills. I will also encourage the University of San Francisco to encourage the culture of service that is respectful and promotes dignity for every student.
The University should also ensure that there is equal and rightful distribution of resources. This will help ensure that some departments do not prosper at the expense of others. This encourages individuality among students improving their individual performances. I believe that, attending the University of San Francisco would help me learn more about the Jesuit Catholic Tradition and in turn teach it to others. This will help me assist the university achieve its set out mission. This will also help me learn more about the Jesuits Catholic Tradition, which is different from my own. This will enable me appreciate what other religious beliefs have to offer.
I would also help kids learn more about God, teaching them how to pray. This will help the university acquire student who already know about God and this will make work easier for the University as they will already have some little knowledge.
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