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The Competitive Business Environment - Case Study Example

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The case study "The Competitive Business Environment" presents strategic planning as a process of management that aims at creating an alignment between the organization’s objectives with the market opportunities. It involves the utilization of organization resources…
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The Competitive Business Environment
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Extract of sample "The Competitive Business Environment"

Download file to see previous pages Zara Company possesses about 1770 stores that are distributed in about 86 countries, and it produces about 450 million items a year. The company aspires to expand its market command, and improve their marketing communications. They also want to expand their online advertising to allow for access to a larger market that is beneficial to the organization. To achieve these objectives, Zara requires formulating the most formidable strategies in their business practices. Therefore, the business planning strategies are important for the growth of the Zara stores, and the achievement of their objectives.
The business planning strategy that this company is employing is very vital to its growth. It ensures that the company utilizes its resources in an optimum manner. Every business organization aims at minimizing costs and maximizing output. Zara Company is able to come up with better investment decisions that are creative and optimal. Therefore, with strategic planning, they are able to invest in areas that have high business potential. Planning also assists the future preparations of Zara Company. It projects the future, and devices the way of shaping this future in alignment with the company objectives. This can be achieved through influencing the business environment factors towards the business expectations (Simerson, 2011 pg. 17). The company can, therefore, anticipate the trends that enable it to acquire the benefits of effective decision-making. Strategic planning also gives a competitive advantage to Zara Company over the other competitors in the clothing industry. Since the clothing and accessories industry experiences a great dynamism in trade, it is a mandate for Zara Company to be highly competitive. Therefore, strategic planning is a vital venture that potentiates the existence of Zara Company in this environment (Esty & Winston, 2009 pg. 07). Zara Company is experiencing a huge competition in the field of fashion and design. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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