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A Strategic Plan of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Essay Example

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This document, Critical Review of a Strategic Plan of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, is a review of the strategic planning of the Hong Kong polytechnic university. It will be critically analyzing the relationship between the mission statement, the values, and the vision. …
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A Strategic Plan of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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Extract of sample "A Strategic Plan of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University"

Download file to see previous pages From the report it is clear that the disadvantages experienced in strategic planning of institutions of higher learning will also be mentioned and analyzed, as they will be relevant in this review. Besides, the pros of strategic planning with reference to the plan of the institution will be discussed in various ways. An overall analysis of how an institution can exhibit the balance between the planning and achieving a sustainable quality improvement will also be done. All these analyses will be specific to the Hong Kong polytechnic university in relation to the learnt concepts, strategic planning, and management.
As the study declares strategic planning can be defined as a way in which an organization establishes a way forward for its efficient operations. As such, this should be in a given order depending on the context of application. In this case, the application of the plan is in an institution of higher learning. This document, therefore, is focusing on the ways in which an organization can be managed through strategic planning. An analysis of the model of the plan will be done and views as per other professional suggestions given. The review of the main aims of the institution in general in relation to the arrangement of various departments will also be done. It is certain that the organization of reference here is a perpetual institution. Thus, the strategies put in place to ensure its long term existence and operation in line with the objectives will be looked into. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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