Leadership, Attitude, Emotions and Issues Related to Employee Satisfaction - Assignment Example

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This report tries to evaluate concepts of job satisfaction, emotions, and leadership. This report focuses on a case study of Aziz who joins a new company and finds her new boss as non-supportive type. He then starts realizing that his previous job was better since his former boss was supportive …
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Leadership, Attitude, Emotions and Issues Related to Employee Satisfaction
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Download file to see previous pages He has a little “concern for Employees”. At this stage, it becomes important for Suprana to sit back and rethink her approach. She needs to make herself as a diplomat and need to increase her concern for employees. Aziz however, needs to be consistent and keep on trying. He needs to find other ways to increase his motivational level and try to voice his opinion to the top management.
According to the financial reports of 2008, Google has revenues of more than 21.796 billion US dollars. Without any doubts, Google stands amongst the top organizations, when it comes to growth, profitability, brand image, brand recall and brand equity (Honeyman, pp. 19-21, 1982). Experts of organizational behavioral studies suggest employee pleasure as the prime reason for this outstanding performance of Google. The efforts it has been doing for outclassing employee satisfaction has raised the operating cost of Google like anything, but it seems that Google is not even bothered a bit by the increased costs.
An uncountable amount of chef is prepared every day at the Google office. State of art Gym, volleyball court, lap pools, onsite car washes, saloons, dry cleaning shops, free on-site medical checkups and free transportation facilities are just some of the facilities that the employees enjoy at Google. Except for these, Google offers to its worker's benefits like parental leaves, automatic life insurance, tuition reimbursements etc. Google management understands that by all these efforts they can shape the attitudes of their employees that in turn results in desired behaviors from them. On the other hand, this will create employee satisfaction and satisfied employees create satisfied customers (Robbins et al, pp. 259-299, 2009).
For the past few decades, organizations have diverted their attention towards studying concepts of employee attitudes and emotions, employee satisfaction and leadership issues. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Leadership, Attitude, Emotions and Issues Related to Employee Assignment. https://studentshare.org/human-resources/1560724-organisational-behaviour-leadership-attitudeemotions-and-issues-related-to-employee-satisfaction-at-the-workplace.
“Leadership, Attitude, Emotions and Issues Related to Employee Assignment”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/human-resources/1560724-organisational-behaviour-leadership-attitudeemotions-and-issues-related-to-employee-satisfaction-at-the-workplace.
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