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Prin of Human Resource Mgmt - Essay Example

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For most employees collective bargaining is their voice. It is that which prevents management from having unilateral authority over its workers. Collective bargaining is the right of an…
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Prin of Human Resource Mgmt
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Extract of sample "Prin of Human Resource Mgmt"

Principles of Human Resource Management How do you feel about collective bargaining in America today? Is it helpful or hurtful to American society?
Collective bargaining today in America can be viewed as the power of the employee. For most employees collective bargaining is their voice. It is that which prevents management from having unilateral authority over its workers. Collective bargaining is the right of an employee to voice out his opinions with matters that affect his work. One believes that collective bargaining is helpful to American society because it balances two forces which from the start are not equal. Management is obviously more powerful than the workers, so to maintain the equilibrium within the two forces; collective bargaining is a necessity in American society today. Now, more than ever America needs collective bargaining because of the economic and financial crisis it faces. It will help produce efficiency and fairness since the workers’ voice is being heard (Clong , par 15).
2. Please read the attached articles and answer the following questions.
・ What is "the decalogue," its goal, and its ten steps?
The goal of the decalogue is “to lead organizations on a sure path to dramatically improving their performance” (Lapore and Cohen , par 3). It aims to “provide organizations with conceptually powerful guidelines to manage any organization systematically” (Intelligent Management Inc. , par 1).
The ten steps of the decalogue are “1) establish the goal of the system, the units of measurement and the operational measurements; 2) understand the system; 3) make the system stable; 4) build the system around the constraint; 5) manage the constraint; 6) reduce the variation of the constraint; 7) create a suitable management structure; 8) eliminate the external constraint; 9) bring the constraint inside the organization and fix it; and 10) create a continuous learning program” (Intelligent Management Inc. 1).
・ To manage effectively and be able to undertake continuous improvement, managers must have the ability to understand the organization as a system. Define a system and provide a simple example of a system.
A system is “a network of interdependent components that work together (to try) to accomplish the aim of the system” (Intelligent Management Inc. , par 1). A system must have an objective or goal. An example of a system is the iPhone 4 marketing system. The goal is to sell a certain number of iPhone 4s. There are several constraints that affect the system such as the demand for the product, which is an external constraint, and the production capacity of the factory, which is an internal constraint.
・ According to the ten-step process (i.e., the decalogue), if an organization is managed systemically managers have very precise responsibilities. What are those responsibilities?
The precise responsibility of the manager in the decalogue is to be able to link the three faculties of the mind, i.e. the intuition, understanding and knowledge/consciousness (Intelligent Management Inc. , par 2). Management must also be able to identify the constraints present in the system and manage them effectively. Managers must be able to direct his people towards the future and at the same time provide for a venue for the growth of his people (Intelligent Management Inc. , par 10).
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