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What do you consider to be an effective teacher With reference to recent research, government initiatives and your own experience, discuss your educational principles and philosophy and the ways in which these will underpin your professional practice in - Essay Example

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A teacher holds the life of the learners in his or her hands, thereby making the teaching profession one of the most sensitive pillars of the society. Learning in both formal and informal setting applies the teaching role as the most influential role that the learners engage…
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"What do you consider to be an effective teacher With reference to recent research, government initiatives and your own experience, discuss your educational principles and philosophy and the ways in which these will underpin your professional practice in"

Download file to see previous pages ft out in the delivery of the teaching content as well as the results assessment with an aim of ensuring that the teacher imparts the appropriate scope of knowledge to the students.
However scrutinized the teaching process may be, teachers effectiveness must be handled seriously since the life of the students in terms of shaping up their perception of life and future career issues depend on the results of the learning experience. The magnitude of the learning experience is greater than the screening eye of education performance regulators and officials and should go beyond meeting the compliance standards. This is because the future of the world is squarely in the hands of the educations system that we adopt. This discourse demonstrates the importance of teacher effectiveness using several highlights of its application. The sources applied demonstrate the level of state seriousness in approaching determination of education effectiveness issues as well as their resolution measures. The investment that governments and other agencies make towards education reveal that teaching experience must make a positive impact on the learning outcomes of the students.
The objective of this work is to examine what an effective teacher is in terms of their practice and their instructional provision. This will involve reference to recent research, government initiatives and experience. This work will discuss educational principles and philosophy that underpins the professional practice future.
Teaching must be established from a firm understanding of knowledge and its imparting skills in order for the teacher to have a successful teaching experience and an effective learning experience for the student. Despite the general belief that information can easily be picked from any source by attentive students thereby converting it into their own knowledge, it has to be a different encounter within the precincts of the classroom. Education philosophy demonstrates that formal education ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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