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Single-sex Schools Offer Higher Quality of Educational Experience to Students than Coeducational Ones - Essay Example

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Education, or the need to be educated, has had its importance stated, argued and accepted worldwide for a long time. Some schools of thought believe that single-sex schools build a comfortable environment for the students to flourish and advance academically and it will be discussed in this report…
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Single-sex Schools Offer Higher Quality of Educational Experience to Students than Coeducational Ones
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Extract of sample "Single-sex Schools Offer Higher Quality of Educational Experience to Students than Coeducational Ones"

Download file to see previous pages The English being the pioneers of educational systems, many countries looked up to them for benchmarks that they could follow for their own education systems. This is how the trend of single-sex schools emerged. It entered the United States and stayed there till the late 19th century, but as the aspect of modernization is predominant there, single sex schools are now scarce, being limited to only private communities and some catholic schools. With the change in the overall psyche of the people worldwide, and women empowerment being one of the major game changers for education system, the women were accepted as equals everywhere. This demanded that they are educated at the same level as men to be able to compete with and support them in different walks of life. Women were no longer confined to households and humanities education and this started the trend of co-educational environment. Co-education, like the name suggests, refers to an educational setup where men and women are educated equally. In contrast to single-sex schools, both the genders get to interact with each other, work together and maintain friendships with each other. In a world where social skills are imperative to get anywhere, co-education allows both the genders to be equipped with such skills. They tend to be more socially comfortable and possess positive interpersonal attitudes. There have been several studies to gauge the effect of the education system on both the genders. The identical outcomes of almost all researches conclude that academically, girls fare well in single sex school and boys do well in a co-educational environment. The reasons are not clear so far but the general perception for such a conclusion is that the comparison of...
This report approves that the counter arguments in case of co-education cannot be ignored. Like mentioned earlier, the comfort level of each gender within an environment of their likeness is higher and allows them to develop accordingly. There is a positive aspect to it, but the real world is not so. In practical life, humans are bound to interact with, live with, and socialize with the opposite gender. Thus, they should be equipped with the societal attitude that is necessary for such a setup. Where the success of female students cannot be argued in single sex environment, their presence in a co-educational environment makes it less disruptive and relationship with the facilitators is generally better, also honing them for the real world.
This essay makes a conclusion that the counter arguments mentioned above are just some of the many that have been highlighted over the years. No research has given solid results regarding which schooling system is better. The quality of education imparted is also dependent upon the curriculum covered, teachers, facilities etc., and gender mix cannot be the only determinant for the quality of education being imparted at an institution. Though, in today’s world, socializing and interaction has become a key trend all over. It is imperative that students are made to study in an environment that teaches them gender equality and acknowledgement of the other’s presence. They should be abreast with the expected societal norms and this is possible only if they have not been restricted to mingling amongst the same gender. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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