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I too was looking out in which direction to steer my life when I came across a friend one day who seemed to have been well established. At least he seemed very confident of himself. I generally…
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Personal masters learning and development
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, I did log on to the website on my friend’s recommendation and browsed through the different pages. I was particularly keen to know how the course would help me further my goals in life.
I was amazed to see my friend mature into a balanced individual with his own thoughts and perceptions. Academically he had achieved certain heights and he had developed social skills as well. I too am a good communicator and perhaps this University would help me develop my skills further. I browed through the different courses and modules on offer, and well it did frighten me a little initially. I was not too sure whether I could handle it but then, being an optimist, I decided to take up the challenge. To do something in life one has to take certain amount of risks. Moreover, higher the risk, higher the returns, is what we have heard. Besides, the economic downturn has impact all nations and one has to invest in education. This is the right time to do so, I felt. I browsed through some other University sites also but since I had very strong recommendations for this University, I decided to enroll myself here. What particularly impressed me about the University was that it had students from a wide range of backgrounds. This meant that I could interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures, so essential for global management and international management today.
Studying a Masters Degree is the only route to an established career. I too realized this and since I had set high goals for myself in the field of management, I knew a Masters Degree was essential. My objective in pursuing a Master’s Degree is to obtain a full time position in the field of accounting that uses my technical, analytical and interpersonal skills, with an employer that provides a challenging work environment and opportunities for advancement. I have done my undergraduate studies in the field of accounting and have practical experience working with several contracting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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