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Characteristics of Personal Mastery and Effective Team Learning - Term Paper Example

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The paper “Characteristics of Personal Mastery and Effective Team Learning” speaks about the importance of continuous improvement of personal skills and the need to celebrate the contribution of each team member in order to maintain his high motivation to achieve the goals of the organization. 
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Characteristics of Personal Mastery and Effective Team Learning
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Download file to see previous pages We must be aware of our strengths and weaknesses and should work tirelessly on minimizing those weaknesses, rather than just living with them for life. Discipline also is a very important requirement for personal mastery. There is a need to be persistent in our efforts for gaining personal mastery. This self-discipline should arise out of internal motivation; it should not be out of someone else’s wish. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs describes self-actualization as the highest order of need (Clutterbuck 2007). Personal mastery helps the individuals fulfill the need for self-actualization. Individuals who seek personal mastery engage into systems thinking because they look at a holistic view. 
Self-confidence is one very important trait of people who have achieved personal mastery. They are aware of their strengths and flaws and tirelessly work towards reducing them. But, achieving personal mastery is not trouble-free or effortless. The ones who aim to achieve personal mastery should be committed to bring an improvement in everything they do. They should be dedicated, committed and focused towards their personal and professional growth. Such people should not be guided by emotions, but by logic. A logical approach of dealing with every obstacle and being patient while solving the problems are true characteristics of people serious about achieving personal mastery. Personal mastery is a sign of true development and is recognized as one of the five learning disciplines.
The outcome of achieving personal mastery is the trust people have on you. And trust is the biggest adhesive that keeps relationships together. People not just listen to you, but believe in what you do. Achieving perusal mastery is surely a leadership quality and depicts true maturity. Neuro Linguistics Programming suggests a technique of increasing our motivation to achieve personal mastery. In this approach, the indiciduals need to keep the “end in mind “(Philip Lionel Ramsey 1994). This means that if we think about the outcome of our continued commitment, about the happiness which we will feel when we achieve what we are seeking, we will be automatically motivated internally to stick to that commitment of ours.
Previously, organizations had limited growth because the management did not focus on the weaknesses of the employees. These organizations had no human element. Their approaches to management were not democratic at all. The suggestions of the people where not taken into consideration while making decisions. Employees were considered as a cost rather than an investment and hence there was no focus on the development of the employees (Way 1999). The only focus was on achieving the monetary benefits. Such organizations lost in the long run because the employees were not internally motivated to work for such firms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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