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Critical response - Essay Example

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“Many Rivers to Cross” by June Jordan confirms this. Right from the very first paragraph, the reader is inundated with how a number past experiences led her…
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Critical response
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Download file to see previous pages As it was the fate of Jordan (and of many other women), they are pushed to the wall because they seem to live with people that do not appreciate them (June 361). Really, in some cases, some women even become the breadwinners in their home. They are given so much responsibility and much is expected from them, but they are never really appreciated.
While reading it, one would easily notice Jordan’s unique manner of narration—the way she transposes between the past and the present. One is inevitably led to believe that the connection between her past and present is undeniable. Of course, the experiences she narrates are not just her but also those of marginalised women all over the world, not just Africans and those that have African root. Thus, June Jordan’s essay effective serves one of the purposes of literature which to creatively represent the (unvoiced) ideal and “unideals” of people.
It must be noted that June Jordan is not the first person to write on these issues. One other person that has written on it is Alice Walker (Walker 7). Like Jordan, many of what one reads in Walker’s works is not just her but about many others like her. So, “Many Rivers to Cross” by June Jordan deserves lots of commendation but no one should ever make the mistake of thinking it is just the story of African or Africa-American ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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