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The Lived Experience of Older Hispanic Women with Chronic Arthritic Pain - Research Proposal Example

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Research Proposal on Lived experience of older Hispanic women with chronic arthritis and their perception of pain 1. Introduction In the dynamics of fast transforming social changes, the effective healthcare delivery has become a major concern. With the increase of life expectancy, whole new issues of healthcare, fitness and quality of life of old people has emerged…
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The Lived Experience of Older Hispanic Women with Chronic Arthritic Pain
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Download file to see previous pages The various factors that influence the effectiveness of the treatment or prevention need to be identified and evaluated for providing better care and mechanisms of pain management and preventive measures. The study would look at the lived experience of older Hispanic women with chronic arthritis and help identify the various aspects of health disparity, disability and pain due to chronic arthritis in older Hispanic women who are 65 years and above. 2a. Statement of the problem In the target demographic segment of 65 years and above age group, chronic diseases are quite common. Christ and Diwan (2009) assert that from 2010, when the baby boomers start turning 65 years and above, there would be significant rise in the aged population. CDC (2007) reports that ethnic minority and Hispanic older population would be nearly 39% of 65 and over population by 2050! Hispanic American would increase by 18%. The racial diversity of older population becomes important ingredient of healthcare deliverables because of the increasing health disparity. It further informs that 54% of women are afflicted with arthritis. With relatively large percentage of population constituting of Hispanic Americans, women, in particular, are more prone to arthritis and other chronic diseases. 2b. Purpose of the study The basic purpose of the study would be to study the lived experience of older Hispanic women with chronic arthritis and find out various aspects of the illness that impact quality of life in the target segment. It would help to address the issue from the wider perspective of socio-economic and cultural paradigm that would help evolve new mechanisms for improving their life. 2c. Significance of the study The study would help the authorities and healthcare industries to address the various external factors that impact the effectiveness of the arthritis treatment in older Hispanic women. It would go a long way in easing the pain of the chronic illness in aged Hispanic women who have been living with the constant pain and disability caused due to chronic arthritis. 3a. Research question Q1 To what extent ethnicity or culture influence the treatment experience? Q2 Why women are more vulnerable to chronic arthritis than men? Q3 What are the external environmental factors that impact the lived experience of older Hispanic women? Q4 How pain is perceived in chronic diseases across cultures? Q5 Should geriatric care be redefined vis-a-vis pain perception across culture? 3b. Hypothesis Arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis is associated with chronically painful syndrome of aching and burning pain of the joints (Merskey and Bogduck, 1994). Constant pain and difficulty in carrying out daily work are the major consequences of arthritis (Melanson and Downe-Wambolt, 2003). The disability becomes a crucial factor that not only impacts the physical condition of the women but also influences her mental and cognitive abilities to live normal life. The socio-economic conditions of the people can aggravate or delay the chances of age related diseases, especially arthritis. Indeed, environmental factors like poverty, cultural paradigms, racial health disparity etc. are significant factors that have adverse effect on the health. It is therefore assumed that by identifying the factors that influence its treatment, women ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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