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Defining the environment in terms of spatiality of the Apartheid Wall/security fence of Israel/Palestine - Essay Example

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Defining the environment in terms of spatiality of the Apartheid Wall/security fence of Israel/Palestine Introduction The term spatial identity has historically been synonymous with and signified by territory and / or boundaries physical or geographical. This is the key reason why most of the definitions of a geographic location carry a significant indication of a demarcated territory1…
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Defining the environment in terms of spatiality of the Apartheid Wall/security fence of Israel/Palestine
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Download file to see previous pages The concept, however, assumed greater significance during the pre-World War era. This paper seeks to examine the definitions and relationship between territories and the state, and conclude with the help of valid discussions that the formation of territories / boundaries is a consequence of spatial conditioning of the states in question. The emergence of spatiality: The European states were the first to realize and commence the use of ‘spaces’ as one of its significant tools of running the government, in the beginning of the sixteenth century. In the latter half of the century, following various transformations in the political scene, especially the occurrence of the civil war, the term sovereignty came into being and gained momentum. Such transformations changed the manner in which the whole concept of spatiality was perceived, and established that the spaces were now no longer bound to the central institutions of power but was in fact, associated with an uncongenial, conceptual and eternal notion2. In the subsequent years, several territorial activities were undertaken with regard to seeking a rise in revenues, which signified greater strength in the state’s capacity to wage a war; and expand its territorial possessions. On the other hand, attempts were made by those who had lost ‘territories’ or ‘physical spaces / boundaries’ to reclaim the lost grounds, which involved raising revenues through taxation3. Thus the politics and economies related to space played a major role in the formation of territorial identities during the early European era. The survival and even the strength of a nation, thus heavily depended on the territories it occupied i.e. the physical / geographical area it owned, and used for its own personal purposes. The later sections of this paper, involves a comprehensive discussion regarding the manner in which the Zionist movement, followed by the occupation of the Israeli authorities, of certain land spaces and / or ‘territories’ translated into politics of space. The repercussions of such an act that of occupying physical spaces, represents the new means by which, spaces were represented and depicted to signify a bold new reality of the upcoming eras. The paper, through highlighting the various crucial practices undertaken and followed post the Zionist movement, by the Israeli authorities, suggests the manner in which spaces were used as a symbol of political strategies; represents the manner in which various conflicts centered around the use of space; and the various in which it is used to form and define a territory. The Israel and Palestine territories: de-allocation and re-allocation of spaces Various cases have been observed and studied in the past, with regard to the manner in which spaces and territories were used and formed and conquered and formed a basis for studies related to the formation and significance of as well as the issues surrounding spatiality. It is observed through various cases in history, which post the conquering of a space / territory, the next crucial stage is retaining such claimed / conquered territories. The retaining of territories involves survival strategies, a process which is actualized as soon as a space is claimed and converted into a territory. The initial process of occupation of space began with the accumulation of people belonging to the Jewish communities, from diverse geographical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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