Collective Memory: How People Choose to Remember the Past - Research Paper Example

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This essay focuses on Nelson Mandela, discussing how people choose to remember him, what people choose to ignore about him, and why. In many countries all over the world, political independence is the most important historical event in their nation’s calendars…
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Collective Memory: How People Choose to Remember the Past
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Download file to see previous pages  It is marked by celebration and remembrance of the freedom fighters and their contribution to the country’s sovereignty. Memorial parks, monuments, and even songs are just part of the collective memories passed on from generation to generation. Preservation of these memories forms part of the nation’s culture and identity (Olick & Robbins 67). A case in point was the long struggle for independence in apartheid South Africa. The struggle for self-rule and democracy in South Africa has long been associated with Nelson Madiba Mandela (Goldin 2). He is perhaps most famous for the time he spent in prison for his participation in the fight for equal rights and just treatment of all South Africans, both Black and White. However, little emphasis is placed on the reasons why he was detained. Collective memories of the people, therefore, center on his arrest, release, and his subsequent ascent to power. Apartheid rule was a governance system in colonial South Africa that oppressed the majority, Black, population. The system began after the 1948 general elections which saw the national party with a White majority come to power (Guiloineau & Rowe 13). This was shortly after the Second World War. At that time, many large democracies like the USA and Britain were largely preoccupied with internal and external economic and political reconstruction. The ruling white minority took advantage of these facts to establish an oppressive regime in South Africa and present-day Namibia. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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