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Art and the Church and the national parks are practically the same thing. You're defended because you're ineffectual - Term Paper Example

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Visual Arts and Film Studies Institution Date Introduction According to Connors statement in his 1979 interview, the art world is ineffective in communicating a message over a long period of time. Connor(2006) asserts that art is a largely unprofitable business that serves the interest of the audience for a short time before they lose interest (Conner 2006)…
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Art and the Church and the national parks are practically the same thing. Youre defended because youre ineffectual
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"Art and the Church and the national parks are practically the same thing. You're defended because you're ineffectual"

Download file to see previous pages One of the artists who have created very effective art in recent times is Giuseppe (2012) Pellicano. Giuseppe work is quite the opposite of the ineffective artist as described by Connor (2006), and his artistic work does not need to be defended. As a conceptual artists Giuseppe has been able to attract the attention of the masses to issues that are critical to the society. One of Giuseppe (2012)’s artwork the The Left.Left. Rigtht. Left. Porcelain has been able to attain critical acclaim for the artiste and cannot be said to be ineffectual as Connor (2006) claims. Under a concept similar to Eleanor Antin’s 100 boots concept, Giuseppe (2006) developed the Left. Left. Left, right, left exhibition to remember the American soldiers who lost their lives in the Iraq war. The Left.Left. Rigth. Left Installation According to Giuseppe (2012), the title emanates from a cadence call in the military used in ordering soldiers into marching formations. This call is made by the leading soldiers then the others repeat behind him in unison. The title was symbolic as it echoes with the Camaraderie and unity among the soldiers who fought in Operation Iraq freedom , Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom. The artwork was created by using porcelain moulded into the shape of military boots. Initially, Giuseppe (2012) set out to mould a boot for every soldier who had lost their life in the three operations. The combat boot had five parts that made up the various side of a boot. The boot was made by bandying the five parts of the boot together and the pouring the mixed Porcelain into the mould. The mould was then allowed to shape for three hours before the mould was unfastened to release the boot that looks like the real life boot. The porcelain was allowed to dry further before removing the seams at the junction of the moulds. The surface is then thoroughly smoothed and cleansed to improve its aesthetic appeal. Before, taking the boots to the kiln, a hole was made in the tongue of the boots and Dog tags were fastened through the hole in the tongue. According to the creator, Porcelain was chosen as the material to be creating the boots as its the best among clay bodies and would represent the absolute respect the creator wished to show the soldiers. Porcelain remains white even after firing a colour the creator felt represents stillness and silence used to pay the last respect to a fallen soldier. According to Giuseppe (2012) the same material and slip casting was chosen for making the boots to make sure their represent the view that humans are all equal. According to Giuseppe (2012) the similarities in design would mirror the fact that each soldier was made of blood and flesh, regardless of religion, sex or race. The need to create boots from the same cast explains why the creator was unable to mould more than a 100 boots, as the cast has a short lifespan that can only create a limited number of boots. The idea to fasten dog tags on the boots was taken from another artwork also used to commemorate the lives of fallen soldier in a previous war. This artwork is named Above and Beyond and is displayed at the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum. It is 10-by-40- foot sculpture and is fastened with soldiers name bearing the names of every soldier who fell in the Vietnam War. Similarly, Giuseppe (2012) used dog tags bearing the name, date of death and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Art and the Church and the National Parks Are Practically the Same Term Paper.
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