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Analyse Marcelo Brodskys Work Buena Memoria From the Perspective of Memory Work - Essay Example

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The horrific ordeal referred to as the Argentine dirty war, began with a military coup in 1976. Marcelo Brodsky chooses to do this using art as a tool. This is an analysis of his art work and the effect it has in passing his personal experiences to generations after him…
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Analyse Marcelo Brodskys Work Buena Memoria From the Perspective of Memory Work
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that general Jorge Videla seized power in another coup. Marcelo Brodsky, an Argentine who was both a human rights activist, and an artist, and who was residing in Argentina by this time, went into exile in Barcelona. It is while there that he took keen interest and learnt photography. He returned to Argentina in 1984, after the fall of the dictatorial leadership. The memories of the atrocities meted on his people were still fresh in him. In 1996, Brodsky thought of creating a memory bridge between his own memories and the future generations
This paper makes a conclusion that the analysis of the importance of Marcelo Brodsky’s work from the memory perspective. It has been demonstrated beyond doubts that an individual memory can be presented artistically, and be carried forth to generations. This can be shared with other people who may not have been there when the events occurred, but can create a lasting impression, and at the same time communicate the past to them. This in turn brings in transition, and builds a memory bridge from the living memory to the post memory, which benefits generations. It also emphasizes the fact that for a community to effectively handle its present and future predicaments, it must have a special place for the historic events, which would help them make sound judgements. These historical events are the button that must be handed over in an effective manner to other generations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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