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Deconstructing Design - Thesis Example

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The general public is largely unaware of the role and principles of design, and regard it instead as a high profile profession they somewhat admire and consider to be fun. They therefore fail to appreciate the responsibility and thinking process that a work involves. In reality,…
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Deconstructing Design
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Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, it demonstrates that this profession has demanding standards, which attract intelligent and motivated people. The general public should thereby also recognise the design profession and the work involved as valuable and a display of intelligence besides being creative.
This issue is relevant to the field and worthy of attention because addressing it can help promote the design profession and improve its image as a knowledgeable one. This could make people better aware of what design really involves and its demanding and competitive nature. The techniques used in image making and branding in advertising will be illustrated for the purpose. In addition, examples of works will be given that demonstrate the challenges designers face so that readers appreciate their valuable role in the profession.
Simply stated, a designer is a person who designs. A designer therefore specifies certain properties of something that is to be made, created, built or laid out. However, a more precise definition also requires mention of the typical distinguishing qualities found in a designer and the kind of work he or she engages in.
For example, an empirical study by Rourke & Sweller (2009) showed that a proper appreciation and identification of a designer’s work requires at least a moderate level of visual literacy skills. This shows that designers themselves must have strong visual literacy skills that enable them to produce the kind of work they do. Moreover, only a designer is able to truly understand the design challenges, both historical and present, that are involved in a work (Kowalski, 2007). As a profession, a designer is one “who develops solutions to commercial needs that require the balancing of technical, commercial, human and aesthetic requirements” (DIA, 2010).
There are many areas in which designers work, so the work handled by a designer determines the type of a designer. For example, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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