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Read Chapters Three and Four of your text Corporate Universities and respond to the topic questions - Essay Example

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Meister’s concept of corporate university emphasize on meeting the challenges of transforming dynamics of business through constant learning and testing new approaches. The organizations must incorporate the changes within their strategies to improve and improvise performance…
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Read Chapters Three and Four of your text Corporate Universities and respond to the topic questions
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Download file to see previous pages Meister says that the principle of corporate university is based on flexible approach so that they are able to incorporate the environmental changes within their work paradigms. My company keeps evolving with outside changes through creation of constant learning environment. The company’s well defined hierarchical organizational structure is designed to cater to the wider perspectives of competitive business. Coaching and feedback are top priority that enables us to keep up with the challenges of the time.
I agree with Montgomery (2008) that changing times require more dynamic strategic goals to meet the emerging new challenges. My company’s plans and actions in promoting its dynamic business goals are aligned to its values which thrive on change. While corporate university is a recently evolved concept, the imperatives of providing a learning environment for the workers have been consistent with the vision and mission of our company since its inception. I strongly believe that training programs facilitate the acquisition of skills and necessary knowledge to develop a wider perspective towards various issues. Indeed, the company has been able to provide the hierarchy of workers with a wider scope for professional growth in the area of core competencies.
Meister believes that the basic goal of the corporate universities is to ensure that the corporate bodies are able to easily adapt to the fast changing equations of the global business so as to maintain market position. They do that through partnership with other businesses and educational institutes. The alliances help to provide a wider database of new resources and knowledge acquisition. It facilitates development of curricula based on real situation and incorporates the demands of the changing times. Thus, the corporate universities are able to exploit the huge ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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