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The article under analysis is an evaluation of the long-term impact of a worksite health promotion programme on the employees’ lifestyle practices and their cholesterol levels. The said program was implemented in 2003 to a group of security guards at a public university in…
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Evaluation of Health Promotion
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Download file to see previous pages The comparison group was given minimal education on the same lifestyle changes through mail and group-counseling.” (301)
A pre-test–post-test non-randomized experimental study design – the most common type of quasi-experimental study design – was used; it was found most effective in studying causal relationship between the intervention and whatever change transpires in outcome measures, thus providing strongest evidence for evaluation. Different research instruments were used to gather needed data: (1) pre-test self-administered questionnaires for the participants’ socio-demographic characteristics, medical history and self-reported lifestyle behaviours, specifically their individual dietary practices, physical activity, and smoking; (2) in-depth interviews and focus group discussion for the researchers’ better understanding of the participants’ behaviours and perceptions after the programme; (3) “anthropometric measurements (weight, height, waist and hip circumference), blood pressure and biochemical measurements (fasting blood glucose and full lipid profiles) were taken at baseline and at 6-month intervals for 2 years” (all italics mine) (302), with the total cholesterol level the main outcome measure, while the rest the secondary outcome measure. Data gathered were statistically analysed, preset at 0.05 level of significance: (1) ANOVA – “to evaluate changes in outcome measures,” (2) Hyunh–Feldt correction – “to correct for the violation of the assumption of sphericity (compound symmetry)”, (3) t-test – “to compare the baseline and the final readings,” (4) x2-test – to analyse categorical data. (all italics mine) (302-303)
1. There was a significantly reduced level of cholesterol for the intervention group (5.83 to 5.62 mmol/l), while an increased level for the comparison group (5.44 to 5.61 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Evaluation of Health Promotion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/miscellaneous/1569616-evaluation-of-health-promotion.
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