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Individual Determinants of Health A 600-word individual writing piece - Essay Example

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His stressed state is a challenge because it would make it difficult for me to concentrate and redirect his thoughts and his energy towards the…
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Individual Determinants of Health A 600-word individual writing piece
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Download file to see previous pages This stressed behaviour would also prove to be a challenge because it might prompt him to be reckless in his behaviour – wanting to find a shorter and faster way to recover from his injuries so that he can get back to work and take care of his family. Reckless behaviour may include attempting to speed up the rehabilitative process and gaining independence in the conduct of his daily activities – even if he cannot function independently as yet. This would put him at risk for further injuries like falls.
I also believe that Tom’s depression would prove to be a great challenge for me as a human services professional. The rehabilitative and recovery process requires a strong will and determination in most patients. Although Tom is obviously worried about his family, he also displays depressed and sad behaviour. His situation and the fact that he is unable to support his family is a source of depression for him. He feels incapacitated by his condition and these conditions will further slow his recovery. His depression would make him feel like he is useless to his family and would drain him of energy and fighting spirit. His lack of social interaction with his friends due to his limited mobility would certainly not give him strength and motivation to help himself recover from his injury.
I would prevent Tom’s stressed behaviour from impacting on me working effectively with him by meeting with his family and to let them know about Tom’s worries. I would also coordinate with his work employers and seek some reassurances from them about Tom’s work and how his family can be assisted while Tom is not working. By taking away his worries about his family, he would be able to free his mind and just concentrate on the rehabilitative and recovery process. It would make him less anxious and less stressed about his life and consequently would allow his full concentration and cooperation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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