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The Need for Fine Arts Students and Appreciating and Embrace Intercultural Diversity - Essay Example

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This report outlines the intricacies and feasibility of a proposed art event that will take part in the university from 17th to the 24th day of May 2013. Enrico Guarino and Marco Picci are two Italian greats that have been chosen for the event with their works being exhibited throughout the event…
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The Need for Fine Arts Students and Appreciating and Embrace Intercultural Diversity
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Extract of sample "The Need for Fine Arts Students and Appreciating and Embrace Intercultural Diversity"

Download file to see previous pages From the ancient times, art has dominated the social world and has even generated or prompted the emergence of movements in the world. Pieces of art produced by renowned and talented men and women in society have historically proved to have promoted human civilization as well as the heritage of mankind. Art is a great communication, incisive and enlightenment tool in the society in the past and presents apart from the aesthetic value, it holds. Europe has been a cradle land of great works of art and behind them are equally great personalities worth mentioning. Among the great European artists have been from the Italian nation with celebrated and influential artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli, Michael Angelo among others coming out of the European nation (Mack, 2000). This report is, therefore, a feasibility study as well as a plan for the organization of an art event at the university. The paper will explore the possibility of holding the event in terms of financial, design, evaluation and human resource implications among other logistical issues that might arise. The report will clearly define the targeted audience, the actual design and proposed a theme, the budget and expected ticket sales so that all aspects of the event is not overlooked. The chosen Italian artists are Enrico Guarino and Marco Picci and this report will also state the justifications for the choice of the said artists and the potential limitations that might be faced in ensuring that they are able to make that all important appearance during the event. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Need for Fine Arts Students and Appreciating and Embrace Essay.
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