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Do Freshmen Students need RAs at Miami University - Term Paper Example

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From the essay "Do Freshmen Students need RAs at Miami University?" it is clear that the decision by Miami University to have RAs on campus is very important. A wide range of services provided by RAs help in creating a supportive environment for freshmen…
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Do Freshmen Students need RAs at Miami University
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Extract of sample "Do Freshmen Students need RAs at Miami University"

Download file to see previous pages The decision by Miami University to have RAs on campus is very important. A wide range of services provided by RAs help in creating a supportive environment for freshmen, many of whom are away from home for the first time Office of Residence Life ( Office of Residence Life, 2015). The RAs have been helpful in serving the residents as well as granting them a certain level of independence at the same time. It is evident that RAs have been great sources of advice and campus resources to new students that may otherwise be unable to acquire the same resources. RAs serve this purpose most importantly by being friendly and relatable as well as by serving as peer advisors for fellow students. They have organized and transformed halls of residence thereby eliminating confusion and surprise among new students, and instead increased comfort and satisfaction of campus life among residents. The effectiveness of RAs at the University is evident through their ability to deal with conflicting situations in halls of residence as well as helping green freshmen to understand university activities. Therefore, the decision of having RAs in halls of residence should be embraced across all higher learning institutions to promote smooth and friendly transition process among freshmen students. The following interviews with two freshmen at the university confirmed the role and importance of RAs in helping freshmen students attain smooth transition process to college life. Kayla: E-mail Address: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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